Music Spotlight: New Month, New Artists On The Rise, New Free Songs

Endless Summer

Each month Amazon features free MP3 singles from new artists, along with write-ups from Amazon’s Music Editors:

Each month, we’ll shine the spotlight on new artists we think you’ll love and give you a free track from each. If you like what you hear, you can pick up each artist’s latest release next month for a great price.

Why We Like It: The Jezebels sound big – really big, and with good reason: each song is extravagant, moody, and as ambitious an effort as any stadium rocking band has produced, begging for your undivided attention and adoration. These songs build carefully and methodically, bursting with goosebump-inducing musical moments. The band is also remarkably consistent, delivering anthems with a confidence that is not only palpable, but capable of inspiring confidence in others. Don’t miss it. Download a free track .

Recommended if you like: Arcade Fire, Kate Bush, U2

There are seven more singles from seven more artists on this month’s list, so sample the entire selection. You may find your next favorite artist!


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