Movie Spotlight: Tarsem Singh

Director Tarsem Singh is known for his stunning, epic, gorgeous visuals. In a Tarsem Singh film, every frame is like a painting, many of them surrealist masterpieces. Singh’s most recent release, Immortals, was released on DVD, Blu-Ray and for digital streaming today. While critics didn’t have a lot of positive things to say about this … Read more

Publishing Expert Mike Shatzkin Predicts Ebook Dominance Within 5 Years

Mike Shatzkin, of The Idea Logical Company, has been a publishing professional for nearly 50 years, and in that time he’s seen major upheavals and technology impacts in the trade publishing business. In a recent blog post, Shatzkin has this to say about the future of ebooks versus print, and online versus brick-and-mortar store sales … Read more

Now You Can Find Apps, Free Apps, Audiobooks, Games and Free Games For Your Fire In A Snap, Thanks To Our New, Categorized Lists!

FINDING EXACTLY THE CONTENT YOU WANT FOR YOUR FIRE, WHETHER PAID OR FREE, HAS JUST GOTTEN A WHOLE LOT EASIER! No matter how much you love your Fire, you’ve probably noticed that the sites you use to shop for content aren’t always organized in quite the way you’d like. It’s easy enough to find bestseller … Read more

Music Spotlight: Self-Taught Ludovic Bource’s Oscar-Winning Score For The Artist

When Ludovic Bource was walking to the stage to collect his Academy Award for Best Original Score, for The Artist, you may not have been paying attention to the voiceover announcement. If so, then you missed the amazing factoid that Bource has no formal training in composing or arrangement, he’s self-taught. And yet, his silent film era … Read more

Ebook Spotlight: Kindle Owners’ Lending Library Just Keeps Getting Better, For Readers & Authors Alike

The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, which allows Kindle owners who are also Prime members to borrow Kindle books for free, has greatly expanded its offerings since the program began last fall. Check our handy, categorized lists of links to Lending Library -eligible books under the “Ebooks” link in our menu ribbon, above, and see for yourself … Read more

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