What About TTS & Collections?

We know many Kindle Fire owners have been anxiously awaiting the announcements this week to learn if two of their most-wanted Kindle Fire features, Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Collections, would be included in some kind of firmware upgrade for existing KiLarndles. Kindle Fire Editor in Chief April L. Hamilton attended the press conference this week, and … Read more

KF-KND Editor April Hamilton’s Live Report from Today’s Kindle Press Conference

(April Hamilton provided the eyes and ears for Kindle Nation at today’s blockbuster press conference — you can check out her live tweets here.) The theme running through today’s Amazon press conference was integration: not in the technological sense, but in the sense that Amazon wants to become so seamlessly integrated with consumers’ lives that … Read more

Top-Reviewed FREE MP3 Albums

You can always find a bargain in the Amazon MP3 Music Store, and all Amazon MP3s are DRM-free and totally compatible with iTunes, iTunes Match and iCloud. But did you know there’s plenty of excellent, FREE music to be had in the Amazon MP3 Store too? Here are some current highlights taken from Amazon’s current … Read more

Kids on Fire: Nostalgic Family Sitcoms

Many of today’s hit family sitcoms on kids’ cable channels like Nickelodeon and Disney Channel are modeled after the squeaky-clean, hit family sitcoms of the 80’s. So it’s not surprising that even today’s techno-savvy youngsters find those classic sitcoms of the 80’s and earlier so enjoyable. Here’s a sampling of those you can find in … Read more

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