Amazon Instant Video Help: Stream vs. Download, Rent vs. Buy, Prime vs. Not

So you see a great movie, TV show or concert video listed in the Amazon Instant Video store, and the rental price is less than you’d pay to rent through other outlets, or what you’d pay for a Video On Demand pay per view on your satellite TV service. The purchase price shown is pretty … Read more

Instant Video Spotlight: Nick Park’s Aardman Animation

Nick Park’s Aardman Animation is releasing its next film, Pirates! Band of Misfits, on April 27. Advance buzz on the film is overwhelmingly positive, and that’s not surprising given Park’s four Academy Awards and track record with hilarious, family-friendly films to date. Park is perhaps best known for his Wallace & Gromit shorts (all available … Read more

Audiobook Spotlight: Entertaining Celebrity Memoirs

Looking for some good listens from showbiz folk that are actually well-written, insightful and funny? Look no further than these celebrity memoirs, all narrated by the authors and all personally recommended by Kindle Fire on Kindle Nation Daily Editor in Chief April L. Hamilton. Tina Fey’s Bossypants is rated 4.5/5 stars across over 7,000 reviews. From Audible: … Read more

Instant Video TV Spotlight: My So-Called Life

If you’re sick of the glitz, gloss and glam of teen soaps like One Tree Hill, Gossip Girls and Vampire Diaries, you might want to give a certain critically-acclaimed and highly underrated little TV drama from the 90’s a try: My So-Called Life. The show features Claire Danes (Temple Grandin, Brokedown Palace, Stardust) in her … Read more

App Spotlight: Access Your Computer From Your Fire With Splashtop Remote Desktop

You’re probably already having a lot of fun with the Fire’s entertainment apps and features, but did you know you can turn your fire into a genuine productivity tool as well? With Splashtop Remote Desktop, you can access your computer (Mac or PC) desktop and control it remotely. Just install the app on your Fire … Read more

It’s Official: Ebooks Win

According to a piece today on, in 2011, for the first time ever, ebook production overtook hardcover print book production. From E-book production overtook hardback output in 2011 for the first time, as the number of new titles published in the UK continued to flatline, according to book production figures published by Nielsen … Read more

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