Digitimes Reports 7″ and 10″ Fire Tablets Are Coming

Apparently, Amazon is not taking the release of the new iPad lying down. According to a piece on Digitimes, Amazon is investing in expanding the Fire product line and scaling back on orders for e-Ink displays. From Digitimes: Amazon plans to launch two new tablet PCs, a 7-inch model and another 10-inch model, in the … Read more

Movie Spotlight: Jesse Eisenberg

Equally at home with drama and comedy, live action and animation, farce and realism, Jessie Eisenberg may very well be the next Tom Hanks. He first came to the attention of critics and the public in the dark comedy, Roger Dodger, in which embittered adman Roger (played by Campbell Scott) receives an unexpected visit from his … Read more

Audiobooks Help Kids Learn To Read

Do you have a struggling reader at home? If so, listening to the audiobook being read aloud while following along in the print version may give her just the boost she needs. A principal in California has launched a pilot program using iPods and audiobooks downloaded from iTunes, but the same concept and approach would … Read more

TV Spotlight: Game of Thrones

Yesterday, season 1 of the HBO series Game of Thrones was finally released on DVD, Blu-Ray and for digital streaming and download. On Collider.com, Andre Dellamorte reviews season one: HBO’s Game of Thrones comes at an interesting time in geekdom, and its success speaks to the barriers that have been broken. Though fantasy and science fiction have … Read more

Is Amazon Getting Into The TV Business?

Amazon is already operating its own publishing house, under the imprints AmazonEncore, Amazon Crossing, Montlake Romance and formerly, The Domino Project (in collaboration with Seth Godin). It’s also well-known that Amazon has branched out into film production, with its Amazon Studios program. Could it be that Amazon is now interested in producing television shows as well? On … Read more

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