Music on Fire: Stick It In Your Ear

The key to a good music experience on the Fire is a good—though not necessarily expensive—pair of headphones. The Fire’s built-in speaker is far from the high-fidelity experience you’re used to getting from a quality home stereo, heard through quality speakers, but that doesn’t mean the Fire can’t deliver audio worth listening to. A good pair … Read more

Audible Unveils The A-List Collection: Great Books Performed By Hollywood’s Finest

Audible has invited some of Hollywood’s most celebrated actors to lend their voice talents to new releases of some beloved classic novels. Anne Hathaway was selected to narrate the children’s literature staple The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Hathaway had this to say about the experience: “It’s such a wonderful book and I was so happy to … Read more

Digitimes Reports 7″ and 10″ Fire Tablets Are Coming

Apparently, Amazon is not taking the release of the new iPad lying down. According to a piece on Digitimes, Amazon is investing in expanding the Fire product line and scaling back on orders for e-Ink displays. From Digitimes: Amazon plans to launch two new tablet PCs, a 7-inch model and another 10-inch model, in the … Read more

Movie Spotlight: Jesse Eisenberg

Equally at home with drama and comedy, live action and animation, farce and realism, Jessie Eisenberg may very well be the next Tom Hanks. He first came to the attention of critics and the public in the dark comedy, Roger Dodger, in which embittered adman Roger (played by Campbell Scott) receives an unexpected visit from his … Read more

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