MP3 Spotlight: Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame

This year’s inductees into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame are Peter Gabriel, Linda Ronstadt, KISS, Cat Stevens, Hall & Oates, The E Street Band and Nirvana. Here’s a ‘best of’ Rock n Roll Hall of Fame collection of of past inductees’ performances, plus a selection of greatest hits albums from this year’s inductees … Read more

Michael Jackon’s Xscape Released Today

Xscape, the posthumous release from the estate of Michael Jackson, is finally available. The album features tracks that were originally written and recorded by Jackson as far back as 1983, but Timbaland has taken on lead producer duties for the album and has, in his words, “contemporized” the tracks. Fans who would like to hear … Read more

MP3 Bargain Alert: $5 Popular Albums

Amazon’s current listings of $5 MP3 Albums includes some terrific stuff, like: Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits (4/5 stars) Songs You Know By Heart – Jimmy Buffet (4.5/5 stars) The Soul Cages – Sting (5/5 stars) Weezer – Weezer (5/5 stars) Under My Skin – Avril Levigne (4/5 stars) Reinventing the Steel – Pantera (4/5 stars) Stronger … Read more