TV Spotlight: Awake

Remember Draco Malfoy’s evil, self-serving father from the Harry Potter films? Jason Isaacs, the excellent actor who imbued that role with such loathsome superiority, is now starring in an unusual, almost experimental new television series called Awake. The concept behind the show is, what if you couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality? From IMDB: After … Read more

Instant Video Spotlight: Robert Zemeckis

These days, Robert Zemeckis is primarily known as the producer or director behind such high-tech, hyper-realistic animated hits as Disney’s A Christmas Carol, Beowulf and The Polar Express. But he used to direct a lot of live action movies too, including the Tom Hanks -starring Cast Away and Forrest Gump. But before moving into such dramatic and then … Read more

More Amazon Bargains: $1.99 Instant Video Rentals, $5 MP3 Albums!

Looking for an alternative to March Madness? How about screening your own, private film festival on your Fire, with instant video movie rentals priced at just $1.99? Amazon has added some great titles to its over 16,700 title catalog of $1.99 movie rentals, including a slew of Disney animated classics, recent hits and critically-acclaimed, award-winning films … Read more

TV Spotlight: Amazon Adds Discovery Networks Programming To Its Prime Instant Video Catalog!

Amazon Prime Instant Video just keeps getting better and better! Today, Amazon announced a new deal with Discovery Networks to offer its excellent programming to Amazon Prime customers for free streaming. From Amazon: Dear Customers, Today we’re announcing our biggest addition yet, bringing nearly 3,000 more titles to Prime Instant Video. We’ve struck a deal … Read more

Movie Spotlight: Jesse Eisenberg

Equally at home with drama and comedy, live action and animation, farce and realism, Jessie Eisenberg may very well be the next Tom Hanks. He first came to the attention of critics and the public in the dark comedy, Roger Dodger, in which embittered adman Roger (played by Campbell Scott) receives an unexpected visit from his … Read more

Amazon Instant Video Help: Stream vs. Download, Rent vs. Buy, Prime vs. Not

So you see a great movie, TV show or concert video listed in the Amazon Instant Video store, and the rental price is less than you’d pay to rent through other outlets, or what you’d pay for a Video On Demand pay per view on your satellite TV service. The purchase price shown is pretty … Read more