MP3 Spotlight: ‘Essential’ Greatest Hits Albums

Amazon is currently featuring a collection of ‘Essential’, double-length MP3 albums, all priced at $9.99 each through 4/22/13. The sale includes such titles as: The Essential Michael Jackson (4.5/5 stars) The Essential Ozzy Osbourne (4.5/5 stars) The Essential Weird Al Yankovic (4.5/5 stars) The Essential Bob Dylan (4.5/5 stars) The Essential Leonard Cohen (4.5/5 stars) … Read more

Bargain Alert: $5 MP3 Albums

Amazon’s MP3 Store is a great place to get your digital music, even if you use iTunes with an Apple device: Amazon MP3s are totally compatible with iTunes and Apple (they’ll even import to iTunes automatically if you buy and download them on the same computer where you have iTunes installed), and they’re also DRM-free. … Read more