Free App of the Day is Mahjong Nagomi

Mahjong Nagomi (4/5 stars, guidance suggested, normally priced at $4.99) is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day. This is a traditional Mahjong game, played against three computer opponents. It’s not the same as the more basic, tile-matching and removal versions of the game you may be used to playing, but it’s a great way … Read more

Free App of the Day Is StatsPac Graphing Calculator!

StatsPac Graphing Calculator (5/5 stars, all ages) is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day, and it’s the first 5-starrer I’ve seen in many months as a FAOTD. From Amazon: FINALLY a graphing calculator app that really does everything you expect from your TI. Designed, tested and used by Instructors with years of graphing calculator … Read more

Kids on Fire: Skylanders Cloud Patrol App

Skylanders is a hugely popular series of videogames that feature a unique, interactive element: players collect individual character figurines and can then play as those characters in the videogame. Skylanders is a fighting game (though not at all bloody or graphic, so it’s appropriate for younger players) and each character has different skills and abilities … Read more

Journaling Apps, Including Today’s Free App of the Day

Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day is Happy Diary (3/5 stars, all ages). Writing is not about the pen or the notebook, just like diary isn’t just about words. Writers rejoice! We are introducing Happy Diary, a multimedia diary app. Happy Diary supports multiple resources, including pictures, audio and video, and adds them to … Read more

Kids on Fire: Apps From ZeptoLab Kids Will Love

ZeptoLab develops fun, unusual and cute physics- and logic-based puzzle games that are loved by kids and adults alike. It’s not surprising that theirs are among the best-selling apps in Amazon’s App Store. Cut The Rope (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at 99 cents) When you see a mysterious package on your doorstep, you … Read more

Free App of the Day is Continuity 2

Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day is Continuity 2 (4/5 stars, all ages) – From Amazon: —————- Continuity 2: The Continuation is the sequel to the puzzle game Continuity. Continuity has been played over 6 million times and won the Best Student Game award at the 2010 Independent Games Festival and Gameplay Innovation award … Read more

Free App of the Day is CardDroid Math Flash Cards

Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day is a great one for kids who are trying to master their math facts. CardDroid Math Flash Cards (4.5/5 stars, all ages, FREE today only as Amazon’s Free App of the Day) – From Amazon: Don’t you wish there were tablets and smartphones around when you were a … Read more