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April 15, 2012

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Inside the Fifty Shades
Directed By: David Kane Garcia
Starring: experts in the field Real women and men
Released: 2013
An Empty Bed
Directed By: Mark Gasper
Starring: John Wylie, Alex Smith
Released: 2015
Mob Queen
Directed By: Jon Carnoy
Starring: Candis Cayne, Tony Sirico
Released: 2015
Polaroid Girl
Directed By: April Maxey
Starring: Crystal Arnette, Robert Freedman
Released: 2016
Born Naked
Directed By: Andrea Esteban
Starring: Unavailable
Released: 2015
Raven's Touch
Directed By: Dreya Weber
Starring: Traci Dinwidde, Dreya Weber
Released: 2015
Hannah and Her Brothers (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Vlado Adasek
Starring: Lucia Hurajová, Patrícia Jariabková
Released: 2015
Peyote (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Omar Flores Sarabia
Starring: Joe Diazzi, Carlos Luque
Released: 2015
Hot Guys With Guns
Directed By: Doug Spearman
Starring: Marc Anthony Samuel, Brian McArdle
Released: 2014
Iron Ladies Roar (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Poj Apirut
Starring: Rattapoom Tokongsup, Parunyu Rojanawatitham
Released: 2015
While going cross-country, gay couple Cary and Vogel decide to hitchhike. That's when they meet Brewster, a sexually-confused trucker who picks them up while delivering coffins. After a series of bad luck, the trio ends up lost and broken down in an abandoned junkyard. The nightmare is only...
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Bite Marks
Directed By: Mark Bessenger
Starring: Windham Beacham, David Alanson
Released: 2015
This documentary follows eleven sex-trade workers for one year, recounting their struggles to survive alcohol and drug-related addictions, abuse and stigmatization and their troubled pasts. Trapped in a cruel circle of prostitution and drugs, they live their shattered lives, knowing their prospects...
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Men for Sale (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Rodrigue Jean
Starring: Rodrigue Jean
Released: 2015
Xiao Bo, a shy boy from rural China, goes to the big city and luckily lands a job and place to live thanks to a kind shop keeper, Mrs. Qing. Qing tries getting Xiao a date only to discover that he is homosexual. When her husband, Kang, gets wind of this news, he decides to try and take advantage of...
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Men and Women (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Liu Bingjian
Starring: Yo Bo, Yang Qing
Released: 2015
A young man, Birch, lives in the Catskill Mountains, in a cottage in a remote region with Walter, an older man who has an estranged gay son, Andrew. Birch and Walter make items from leather. After his father dies, Andrew returns home with Kyle, his boyfriend from the city. Birch captivates Andrew...
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Directed By: Patrick McGuinn
Starring: Chris Graham, Andrew Glaszek
Released: 2015
Feng is a gay high school student who shares his home and room with his twin sister, Wen. His attractions toward his sister are obsessive, but Wen is growing too old for his attentions and sets out to make a life of her own....
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Withered in a Blooming Season (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Cui Zi'en
Starring: Wang Guifeng, Xianqwen
Released: 2015
Richard and William have been friends for seventeen years when William has a stroke. Richard fights for the right to care for him, despite the restrictions on his own life and against the wishes of William's family. Their love and compassion get them through days of illness, therapy and healing....
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Directed By: Biju Viswanath
Starring: Alec Dana, Bristol Pomeroy
Released: 2015
In the 90s, Laurence tells his girlfriend Fred that he wants to become a woman. In spite of the odds, in spite of each other, they confront the prejudices of their friends, ignore the council of their families and brave the phobias of the society they offend....
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Laurence Anyways (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Xavier Dolan
Starring: Melvil Poupaud, Antoine-Olivier Pilon
Released: 2015
Treachery, sex and revenge take center stage in this energetic retelling of Shakespeare's immortal play about the afflicted Prince Hamlet, and his eventual descent into madness. Set in post WW2 London and bereft of politics of the state, this trimmed down version takes place over a single...
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Directed By: Bruce Ramsay
Starring: Peter Wingfield, Lara Gilchrist
Released: 2015
Krit is openly gay, but his closest friend, Win, is questioning. As they grow older, their love is tested when the two finally explore their passion. "Down the River" is a daring exploration of friendship and intimacy....
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Down the River (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Anucha Boonyawatana
Starring: Prakasit Horwanapakorn, Napong Viriyasomboon
Released: 2015
After 16-year-old Kristian meets Henrick, an androgynous, charismatic student, a warm friendship slowly develops. Meanwhile, the bully Patrick stirs another kind of feeling in Kristian. When Henrick introduces Kristian to his boyfriend, Kristian's world is turned upside-down as he is led to his...
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Friends Forever (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Stefan Henszelman
Starring: Stefan Henszelman, Thomas Sigsgaard
Released: 2015
Ryan is a closeted gay student in his final semester of seminary studies. Despite his school's hostile stance towards homosexuality, Ryan begins a tumultuous relationship with a man he met on the Internet. During this volatile time, Ryan struggles with finishing his studies and holding on to his...
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The Seminarian
Directed By: Joshua Lim
Starring: Mark Cirillo, Jessica Blythe Kemejuk
Released: 2015
A group of transexuals are brutally attacked and left for dead. But when the surviving ladies regain consciousness, confidence and courage, they begin to seek revenge on the ones who attacked them....
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Ticked Off Trannies with Knives
Directed By: Israel Luna
Starring: Krystal Summers, Willam Belli
Released: 2015
Xiao Bo comes from a middle class family but has decided to make his living as a male hustler. His older brother, Dabin, is a Christian evangelist determined to reform China's population of hustlers. When Xiao disappears, Dabin must search for his brother throughout the world of the working boys....
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Feeding Boys, Ayaya (English Subtitled)
Directed By: Cui Zi en
Starring: Zhang Jian, Jia Ge
Released: 2015
Gay fashion designer Kamlesh, still reeling from a recently-ended relationship, invites a group of friends for dinner for a special announcement. However, the situation worsens when Kamlesh's sister arrives with her new fianc...
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Mango Souffle
Directed By: Mahesh Dattani
Starring: Atul Kulkarni, Rinkie Khanna
Released: 2015
Let the drag-off begin! When Conner first meets Devin, he feels an instant attraction to him. However, Conner's nemesis, the Puerto Rican drag queen Adora, wants Devin all to herself. Conner soon realizes the only way to compete with a drag queen is to become a drag queen. With the help of his club...
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Lady Peacock
Directed By: Jana Mattioli
Starring: Eric Millegan, Blanche Baker
Released: 2015
When a crazy mad scientist finds interest in a gang of bikini clad lesbians, he unleashes a killer to crash their slumber party: a murderous midget with a taste for blood and necrophilia!...
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Slaughter Party
Directed By: Fred Rosenberg
Starring: Tina Amantula, Mitchel Auman
Released: 2015
A funeral rockets John into the orbit of the flamboyant Solange, a B-movie actress best known in Europe for her roles in '80s Italian horror movies. As John follows her into heady whirlwind romances with cute French pop stars and deadly (but hot!) Milanese model managers, he begins to realize that...
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The Boy with the Sun in his Eyes
Directed By: Todd Verow
Starring: Geretta Geretta, Marcel Schlutt
Released: 2015
When Frank David Niles, the creative force behind the controversial theater group "In Your Face" dies, his colleagues, collaborators and former lovers gather in an impromtu memorial service....
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Red Ribbons
Directed By: Neil Ira Needleman
Starring: Quentin Crisp, Georgina Spelvin
Released: 2015
When the hopelessly single Aiden is asked to be the best man at his ex-boyfriend Max's commitment ceremony, he finds himself confronting unresolved heartache. Rather than go alone, Max invites his roommate's outrageous friend Lance to pose as his boyfriend. But, in the days leading up to the...
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Hold Your Peace
Directed By: Wade McDonald
Starring: Melissa McCurley, Rosa Nichols
Released: 2015
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