What does it truly take to become an American citizen? Journeys From There to Here: Stories of Immigrant Trials, Triumphs, and Contributions by Susan Cohen with Steven Taylor

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Journeys from There to Here: Stories of Immigrant Trials, Triumphs, and Contributions

by Susan Cohen and Steven Taylor
4.4 stars – 81 reviews
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Amazon Bestseller in Immigration Policy, U.S. Immigrant History, and Emigration & Immigration Law
Amazon #1 New Release in Immigration Policy, Emigration & Immigration Law, and Ethnic Studies

A famous writer exiled from Albania and Greece.

A Somali nomad-turned-multinational banker.

An Asian-born virtuoso violinist with perfect pitch, and many more . . .

In this eye-opening collection of immigrant trials, triumphs, and contributions, leading immigration lawyer Susan Cohen invites you to walk with her clients as they share their incredible journeys coming to America while overcoming unimaginable dangers and often heartbreaking obstacles abroad. Cohen masterfully uplifts marginalized voices, laying bare the remarkable realities of staggering hardships and inspiring resilience.

Sprinkled with amusing anecdotes, tense junctures, and heartwarming segments, you will sit front and center at the courtroom learning about US immigration policies and systems—which often become an immigrant’s greatest hurdle—while also discovering the ways unscrupulous American citizens take advantage of those not born in the States. As you ride the ups and downs and follow the zig-zagging twists and turns of their travails, you will discover the many ways immigrants from all over the world give back to their local communities and enrich the fabric of the nation. Finding yourself enmeshed in their stories, you will gain insight, grow in empathy, and come to understand what it truly takes to become an American citizen.

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