This legal thriller puts a whole new spin on the national pastime! A Pitch for Justice by Harold Kasselman. ★★★★★ 232 Raves out of 261 Reviews!

A Pitch for Justice: A Legal Thriller

by Harold Kasselman
4.5 stars – 256 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:
Have you ever watched a professional baseball game where tempers escalated and you feared that retaliation by one side could result in an incident with serious injury? What would happen if a player were critically injured in such a circumstance? What if the unthinkable happened and the player died? Is it just a tragic part of the game? Or could it actually be a homicide? What began as a feud between the Phillies and Mets ends in a shocking criminal grand jury investigation focusing on rookie Phillies pitcher Tim Charles who threw the deadly pitch. What unfolds is an unprecedented legal drama that will put the unwritten rules of baseball and the pitcher on trial. What led to the fatal pitch that could change the very nature of baseball itself? A Pitch For Justice examines when a baseball custom crosses the line and becomes accountable in a criminal courtroom.

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