In 2168, two intelligent lifeforms inhabit the moon, Titan. Only one will rule the galaxy… Enceladus: Titan’s Plague Book Two by Tom Briggs

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Enceladus: Titan’s Plague Book Two

by Tom Briggs
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Here’s the set-up:

Pati Lynch escaped Karakorum and a prison sentence lasting through senior citizenship. With Joe Tate, she crash landed on the moon, Enceladus. To survive, they must carry their ship over an airless, snow-covered wasteland to their destination: an ice-mining station that needs workers, and does not ask questions.

But like any no-questions-asked organization, it has secrets. Now, Pati and Joe must escape the slave camp they’ve fallen into and return to Karakorum where they just escaped from.

And the extraterrestrials who instigated the mutiny on Pati’s ice-mining ship, and then railroaded her into a guilty murder conviction, they have their own plans for Enceladus.

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