A must read for sci-fi fans: In the 35th Century, war has evolved. Man hasn’t… War’s Edge: Dead Heroes by Ryan W. Aslesen

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War’s Edge: Dead Heroes

by Ryan W. Aslesen
4.5 stars – 87 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

At the bleeding edge of space… 

“War’s Edge puts the military back into military science fiction, in what is destined to be considered a classic along the lines of Starship Troopers, Dune, and The Forever War. Gritty action, military realism, compelling science fiction, and believable characters make this book a must read for sci-fi fans.” Nathaniel Timberlake 

In the 35th Century, mankind has colonized vast reaches of space, yet war remains constant as galactic governments and interstellar corporations fight for control of resource-rich planets and lucrative interstellar trade routes. And if centuries of war has taught man one thing, it’s that planets are valuable and lives are cheap.

In a desperate attempt to escape his current life, Mark Rizer drops out of his prestigious university and enlists in the elite Marines of the United Systems Alliance defense forces. It’s a decision that will take him across the galaxy, first to endure a sadistic boot camp designed to transform him into a ruthless killing machine, and then to join the ranks of the hardened Marines of Murder Company.

Deployed to Verdant, a remote jungle moon at the edge of Alliance space, Mark finds himself fighting a ghostly enemy in an unending conflict where victories are measured in body counts and death is the only ticket home. The daily grind of combat patrols transforms good men into cold-blooded killers and weak ones into bitter memories. At the bleeding edge of space, Mark learns the true cost of war as he fights for his life, his platoon mates, and his humanity.

In the 35th Century, war has evolved.

Man hasn’t.

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, profanity, and sexual content. It is intended for a mature audience. Reader discretion is advised.

“Even if you’re not a fan of military action/adventure stories, this one will grab your attention and keep it. The characters are interesting and distinct, and the action is fast and furious. It’s evident the author has experience with military and weapons, and the details, weapons and battle scenes are spot-on.” -Robin Surface

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