75% price cut! How to Declutter Your Mind: Secrets to Stop Overthinking, Relieve Anxiety, and Achieve Calmness and Inner Peace by Amy White and James W. Williams

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How to Declutter Your Mind: Secrets to Stop Overthinking, Relieve Anxiety, and Achieve Calmness and Inner Peace (Mindfulness and Minimalism Book 2)

by Amy White and James W. Williams
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Here’s the set-up:

Do you feel like you’re always running around without a moment to rest?

Are you constantly busy with a job that demands too much of your time and an equally demanding social life? Do you then find yourself lying awake at night unable to sleep because of your overactive thoughts?

If so, this book is exactly what you need.

Clutter is everywhere in our lives. It is present in our homes, our schedules, our jobs, our relationships, our use of technology, and, most importantly, our minds. While plenty has been said about the benefits of decluttering your home through minimalist interior design, not nearly as much has been said about decluttering other aspects of your life. Despite this, the damaging effects of clutter on our psyches are clear. When we lead chaotic, unorganized lives, we are prone to worry, anxiety, self-doubt, and overthinking.

If we want to quell our restless thoughts, we need to start by fixing the root of the problem. More specifically, we need to look at the ways that clutter invades our lives and take steps to reduce its presence. Through this process, we can achieve a calmer mind and a more peaceful life free from the damaging effects of clutter.

Minimalists believe that living a clutter-free life is the path to achieving long-lasting happiness. The environment we live in can have a significant psychological effect on us. When we live a cluttered life, our thoughts become cluttered as well, making it difficult to achieve clarity on our goals and desires. By extending this basic principle of minimalism to include all sources of clutter, not just junk piles in our homes, we can remove negative influences from all areas of our lives.

Inside How to Declutter Your Mind: Secrets to Stop Overthinking, Relieve Anxiety, and Achieve Calmness and Inner Peace, you will discover:

The many forms clutter uses to disguise itself in your life
How living a cluttered life sabotages your well-being and future
How technology is sabotaging your mind
Secrets to decluttering your mind
How to declutter other aspects of your life -including your daily tasks, responsibilities, environment, and mind
Full of actionable tips and strategies
And so much more!
You might not think of your life as full of clutter. You might not even notice the role clutter plays in holding you back from achieving your true potential. But once your eyes are opened to the danger that clutter poses, you’ll see why it’s so imperative that we deal with the problem now before it can get any worse. If left unchecked, clutter can lead to frequent exhaustion and burnout. Excessive clutter in your environment, mind, and lifestyle can leave you feeling so worn-down that you end up simply along for the ride in your own life.

You can free yourself from the seemingly endless cycle of frantic days and sleepless nights. You can shape the life you want to live.

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