A real estate mogul has nefarious plans that will surprise even jaded New Yorkers…
The Blue Rat by Michael Hartnett

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The Blue Rat

by Michael Hartnett
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Here’s the set-up:

El Buscador has long been legendary for revealing, to select visitors, New York’s secrets. Now he confronts his greatest challenge: the real estate mogul Timothy Terrance Tolland has been erecting skyscrapers at an alarming rate. Tolland’s mysterious construction at Canal Street threatens to tear the city’s fabric. Aided by a group of investigative reporters, El Buscador looks to bring Tolland down before his building forever transforms the skyline.

But the battle also goes on below the street as Tolland has initiated a campaign of dyeing the city’s rats blue so that the vermin become as much of his brand as his buildings. Follow along on El Buscador’s adventures as he takes the reader to little-known places – from underground streams to forgotten tombs to rat pits – and unearths secrets long buried in the city. Ultimately, his battle with Tolland spectacularly exposes nefarious plans that will surprise even jaded New Yorkers.

“Stunning! Rarified! A Tour de Force!” – Joe Edd Morris, author of The Prison

“The latest gem from one of the best novelists around. Thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking, Hartnett’s The Blue Rat defies convention while touching on matters that appeal the most.” –John Vance, author of Touched Back

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