Can’t get enough of the Hallmark Channel? Need more holiday romance to warm those chilled bones? Kindle Nation Daily has got you covered! Here’s our top five holiday romances in the Kindle store

December 5, 2018

These holiday romances are delicious Christmas delights and must-reads:

From Paris With Love This Christmas by [Wake, Jules]From Paris With Love This Christmas

By Jules Wake

Kindle Price: 99 cents

4.3 stars – 19 reviews

The gorgeous, Christmassy feel-good follow up to the Summer best-seller ‘From Italy With Love’.

Just until Christmas…

That’s what Paris socialite Siena keeps telling herself. She’ll hide away in her sister Laurie’s cottage near London to escape her hot-tempered fiancé.

However, when Jason – gorgeous but a bit of a Grinch – picks her up from the airport, he reveals that Laurie hasn’t lived there for months, complicating Siena’s holiday getaway.

At first, Jason and Siena don’t see eye to eye. But after a weekend in the most romantic city in the world, experiencing all it has to offer – from the magic of a fir-lined Champs-Élysées, lit up by thousands of sparkling fairy lights, to the swoosh of skates on ice at the Eiffel Tower – Siena shows Jason her Paris, and a whole other side to herself. Suddenly Siena’s December deadline seems far too close…

All I Want for Christmas...Is My Sister's Boyfriend by [Blaine, Brooke, Frank, Ella]All I Want for Christmas…Is My Sister’s Boyfriend

By Brooke Blaine and Ella Frank

Kindle Price: $2.99

4.7 stars – 81 reviews

Some people want their two front teeth or a hippopotamus for Christmas.
Not me. That would be too clichéd.
Then again, I never thought I’d stoop to sitting on Santa’s lap and asking him to bring me a boyfriend, either. In my defense, though, the man of my dreams had just knocked me into a store display ten minutes prior, so I wasn’t exactly thinking straight.
Hah, but when did I ever.

I never thought I’d see Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome again, but it looked like fate—or Santa—had other plans when I ran into him the following night. Seemed like I might be getting my Christmas wish after all, right? Right.

A Baby For Christmas - A Billionaire's New Baby Romance by [Valentine, Layla, Rayner, Holly]A Baby For Christmas – A Billionaire’s New Baby Romance

By Layla Valentine and Holly Rayner

Kindle Price: $2.99

4.6 stars – 90 reviews

Christmas in New York—it’s the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Shayla Zielinski doesn’t think so. Orphaned as a young child, her happy holiday memories are few and far between, and her usual tactic, come December time, is to hunker down and wait for the season of goodwill to blow over.

That is, until she meets Colton Cooper.

The gorgeous, Christmas-loving billionaire bursts into her life like a gleeful blizzard of holiday cheer. Shayla’s warned not to get involved; men like him don’t play by the rules—Santa suits or not—but it’s not long before he’s breaking down her Scrooge-like defenses. As the countdown to the holidays begins, he sets out to convince her that it’s possible to have a truly merry, very steamy Christmas!

A Vineyard Christmas (A Vineyard Novel Book 1) by [Stone, Jean]A Vineyard Christmas (A Vineyard Novel Book 1)

By Jean Stone

Kindle Price: $2.99

4.6 stars – 10 reviews

In the midst of a Christmas blizzard: A baby on the doorstep.

It’s taken a long time and a little heartache, but Annie Sutton is finally following her dream of living on Martha’s Vineyard. She fell in love with the island’s singular beauty while using it as a setting for two of her novels. In her cozy rented cottage on Chappaquiddick, she’s settling in for her first Vineyard winter—complete with a fierce nor’easter on the way, forecast to bring high winds and deep snow. But the blizzard also brings something unexpected to Annie’s front porch: a basket, encircled by a ribbon, containing a baby girl. The note reads: “I named her Bella, after my grandmother. Please help her, because I can’t.”

A Christmas Bride by [Ferguson, Jo Ann]A Christmas Bride

By Jo Ann Ferguson

Kindle Price: 99 cents

4.0 stars – 79 reviews

Journey to Regency England in this “wonderful” holiday tale of a desperate nobleman, a forgetful fiancée, and a sweet romance (Affaire de Coeur).

Her name is Serenity Adams. She’s Timothy Crawford’s fiancée, and he’s going to present her to his grandfather in less than twenty-four hours. The only problem is, she doesn’t exist. Now the desperate nobleman must find a willing woman to play the role of his affianced or risk being disinherited. Providence steps in when he stumbles across an overturned carriage. The injured beauty he rescues has no memory of the accident—or of who she is.

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