Party Time! Excellent! Here’s what’s new on Amazon Prime in June!

June will be here in a one week, which means we have a new batch of streaming content coming to Amazon Prime. Jim Vorel from Paste Magazine looks at what’s coming in June.

New in June – Available for Streaming on Prime:

June 1

Apocalypse Now
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
Runaway Bride 1999
The Black Stallion
Sleepover 2004
Wayne’s World
Apocalypse Now Redux
In & Out
Carrie 1976
Six Degrees Of Separation 1993
The Golden Child 1986
Death Wish 2
The Presidio
Mulholland Falls
Switchback 1997
Ground Control
Criminal Law 1988
Trading Mom
Iron Eagle IV – On the Attack
The Million Dollar Hotel
One From the Heart
Double Whammy
Ulee’s Gold
The Rage – Carrie 2

June 2
Poltergeist 2
The Program 2016

June 3
Rules of Attraction

June 4
Love & Mercy

June 6
The Cokeville Miracle

June 8
12 Rounds 3: Lockdown

June 14
The Adderall Diaries

June 15
No Stone Unturned: The Loughinsland Story

June 16

June 20
Pup 2

June 22
Stand Up Guys

June 25
Open Grave

June 29
6 Souls

Read the full post in Paste Magazine.


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