Matthew Bryerson is having a rough time. Dumped, with a concussion (and an unwanted face tattoo) he is unaware of Robin McFarland interest. Will they get a chance to meet? The humorous Get Back by Clint ington

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Get Back

by Clint ington
4.0 stars – 3 reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

The average person would say that Matthew Bryerson was having a tough time. Matthew would say that he’s in a trough and that pulling himself out doesn’t look like it’s going to happen anytime soon. His girlfriend of the last seven years has decided to call it quits and walked out, at his next soccer game he ended up with a concussion (and an unwanted face tattoo), and when he finally makes an attempt to talk to a new person, he gets laughed out the building.

Robin McFarland is witness to Matthew’s “accident” and is intrigued by him, but she has her own problems. Late nights with alcohol can lead to miscommunication; and does. Robin is unaware that Matthew shares in her interest.

Will they get a chance to meet? Can he pull himself out and get back to feeling better? Not without shenanigans of course…

“We have all experienced times of awkwardness, joy, and the pang of navigating through relationships. The characters in this book are undeniably relatable and the experiences will have you laughing one minute and grimacing the next. The book was a fun and easy read. ” – Amazon Verified Purchase Review

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