There’s no such thing as a lost cause… Especially in the New Wave Newsroom
Jenny Holiday’s contemporary romance The Fixer

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The Fixer (New Wave Newsroom Book 1)

by Jenny Holiday
4.5 stars – 11 reviews
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There’s no such thing as a lost cause…

Jenny Fields is a crusader. As the editor of her college newspaper, she’s never met a cause she couldn’t get behind. So when the administration announces it’s tearing down the historic art building, she’s on the case. All she needs to do is get Matthew Townsend, the art department’s boy wonder, on board. They say he his talent is unbounded. It turns out so is his ego.

Matthew Townsend cares about art. And that’s pretty much it. If he has a reputation for being moody and aloof, that suits him just fine. He doesn’t have a family worth speaking of, and as a scholarship student, he can’t afford to goof off like the preppy rich kids at his school. He certainly doesn’t care about the art building. Or about the relentlessly perky Jenny, who looks like she was barfed up by Rainbow Brite. What will it take to the preternaturally cheerful girl with the massive savior complex to leave him alone?

New Wave Newsroom is a series of standalone novellas that can be enjoyed out of order.

Book 1: The Fixer
There’s no such thing as a lost cause…

The Fixer made my heart soar. ~The Reading Cafe

Book 2: The Gossip
Loose lips sink ships…

…the most beautiful transformation I have ever seen in a young character. ~OMG Reads

Book 3: The Pacifist
She’s done holding her peace…


Man, oh, man, Jenny Holiday writes with such energy. Matthew and Jenny are likable, relatable characters who deserve success, and if they end up falling in love…who dares impede their journey?! I freaking want to squeeze them!! The Fixer made my heart soar. ~The Reading Cafe

This the perfect sweet pick-me-up that will make you want to blast some 80’s music and dance around in your neon leg warmers. ~Key Read That

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