BargainAlert: Carolyn McCray Box Sets

Several of Carolyn McCray’s bestselling mystery, romance, supernatural thriller and crossover box sets are currently on sale at discount prices!

Don’t Read After Dark: A Horror Box Set (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $7.99)

From the #1 bestselling author in Horror, Men’s Adcventure, War, and Techno-thrillers, Carolyn McCray, comes a horror collection to keep you up all night long if you dare!

**Warning, this collection is not for the squeamish or faint of heart. There is graphic violence, rough language, and blood to spare. Please do not buy this set if you are easily offended or terrified! However if you enjoy Saw/Hostel-style horror and a good slasher flick, read on! This collection includes:

Fresh Meat: Serial Killer Death Match, need we say more?

Widowmaker: A thriller for horror fans

All Hallow’s Eve: The one night it is BAD to be good!

Club Death: Come for the dancing. Stay because, well, a madman has you trapped inside

Rook: Let’s stop the Apocolypse, people! Supernatural humorous horror

Supper: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre style short story


Praxis: A Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Thriller (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $9.99)

The greatly anticipated collection of Carolyn McCray’s #1 bestselling Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance is finally here – Praxis: The Blood Magic Collection!

A woman of science
A man of magic
Hunted for their HeartsBlood
A love taken to its dangerous conclusion

Included in this collection:

Blood Oath – the prequel short story to HeartsBlood

HeartsBlood – the #1 urban fantasy/paranormal romance that started the phenomena

Blood Ties – the bridge short story between HeartsBlood and DeadBlood

DeadBlood – the full length sequel to HeartsBlood

Blood Lines – the bridge short story between DeadBlood and LiveBlood


Reader’s Feast: Something for Everyone (4/5 stars, currently priced at $7.99)

With over 200,000 bestelling words, this volume includes:

7 Folds of Winter – the #1 YA+ Epic Fantasy

The Rush – the bestselling prequel Moonrush short story

Rook – the bestselling supernatural thriller

Ambush – the bestselling Betrayed prequel short story

Anatomy – the bestselling Harbinger mystery short story

Pet Miracles – the bestselling inspirational short story collection

Pet Whisperer…er…rrr– the bestselling romantic comedy

Hacked – the bestselling techno-thriller Robin Hood Hacker prequel short story


Click here to browse the full catalog of books by Carolyn McCray, including many more box sets at great prices!


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