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The Shopgirl’s Prophecy (Beasts of Vegas Book 1)

by Anna Abner
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Here’s the set-up:

Ilvane the Oracle’s Prophecy #487: Anya from Nadvirna will stand with Oleksander the Destroyer during his final battle.

Ali Rusenko has dangerous secrets she can never reveal. When her father dies suddenly, the shy British shopgirl discovers he had even more secrets than she does. In search of the truth, she travels halfway around the world to Las Vegas, Nevada, but answers are hard to come by. Before she discovers anything worthwhile, Ali is attacked by the horde and stranded in the desert. If it weren’t for vampire hunter Connor Beckett and his sidekick Roz Carrera, she’d be vampire food.

Ilvane the Oracle’s Prophecy #616: Connor from Cleveland will release Oleksander the Destroyer and trigger the apocalypse.

Connor Beckett loathes his prophecy. To thwart it, he abandons a so-called normal life in Cleveland, Ohio to live on the Strip and hunt the horde. After a disastrous first attempt to kill the vampire leader, Oleksander the Destroyer, backfired and Connor actually let the sociopathic killer free, he must re-group to attack again.

After a bus crash, Connor and Roz rescue Ali and agree to help her return home to London, but a string of vampires chase her across the Nevada desert. It becomes clear to Connor that Ali is vampire catnip and if he’s going to have a real chance to defeat Oleksander, he can’t let Ali leave the country without discovering the one secret she refuses to reveal.

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