Soundtracks Filled With Covers Of 1980s Hits

If you remember the music of the 80s fondly, you’re probably going to love these soundtrack albums because they’re made up of 1980s hits covered by newer artists.



50 First Dates

Note that while this album only has an average review rating of 3.5/5 stars, those who are rating it low are doing so NOT because of the quality of the tracks included on the album, but because of tracks from the movie that weren’t included in the album.

In keeping with the Hawaiian setting of the film, this album has a reggae / island music feel. Tracks include Thompson Twins’ Hold Me Now covered by Wayne Wonder, The Cure’s Love Song covered by 311, The Cars’ Drive covered by Ziggy Marley, Roxy Music’s Slave to Love covered by Elan Atias, and The Police’s Every Breath You Take covered by UB40. 13 tracks in all.



Sky High (4/5 stars)

Tracks include Modern English’s I Melt With You covered by Bowling for Soup, Devo’s Through Being Cool covered by They Might Be Giants, Til Tuesday’s Voices Carry covered by Vitamin C, The Smiths’ Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want covered by Elefant, and English Beat’s Twist and Crawl covered by Skindred. 13 tracks in all.


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