Audible DailyDeal – Bulls-eye: The Power of Focus

Today’s Audible Daily Deal features Bull’s-Eye: The Power of Focus (4.5/5 stars, priced at 99 cents TODAY ONLY), a self-help book that aims to help the listener unlock his or her natural ability to focus the mind like a laser, to achieve greater productivity and a better quality of life. From Amazon:

Your aim in life should be to achieve all of the wonderful things that are possible for you. There is no reason for you not to be earning twice as much as you are today, or even five or ten times as much. Your potential is practically limitless, if you could just learn how to utilize it.

Clarity, Focus, and Concentration: Three strong, simple attributes needed to hone in your potential and hit the bull’s eye! And just as you can develop your physical muscles through hard work and concentration, you can develop your mental muscles through continuous repetition.

You have the ability right now to achieve more than you ever have before. Bull’s Eye will teach you how to unleash your powers for success and accomplish more in the next few months than many people do in a lifetime.


Click here to get Bull’s-Eye: The Power of Focus.


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