FreeApps Spotlight: Word Game & Puzzle Apps

Ready for a brain-vocabulary workout? Give these FREE word game and puzzle apps a try!

WordBrain (4.5/5 stars, currently FREE)

It starts very easy but gets challenging quickly.

Find the hidden words, slide your finger over them, see the puzzle collapse.

Do it all in the correct way and order and you will be able to clear the grid.

The game features 15 languages and there are 680 levels per language!

Even the smartest word game enthusiasts will have a real challenge to complete this game.

In fact: only very few have!

Sometimes there are reviews and emails about levels that seems impossible to solve. THESE ARE NOT BUGS but rather a part of the challenge with the game!

If you are not carefully solving the puzzle in the right order, including the right letters for each swipe it might end up being insolvable when only one or a few words remains.

In that case, just restart that level and try to solve it in the right order. Think carefully for each swipe.

This is actually the real challenge with WordBrain. ALL LEVELS ARE SOLVABLE!


Word Genius – Challenging Brain Exercise Puzzle Game (4/5 stars, currently FREE)

Get ready for the ultimate brain exercise & challenge to be a real word genius!

Word Genius is an outright word game that gives you full brain training.

If you also have a very sound vocabulary, you might be ready for some serious brain exercises now.

Swipe over hidden words in a particular order and complete the level.

Certain words might be valid yet not acceptable for that particular level, so try to put some serious thoughts on to it and find all correct words like a true word genius.

Every word brain quiz is designed, especially for the aim of improving both of your IQ & vocabulary.

Easy and fun to play, but a real challenge to move on
Over 600 addictive puzzles
Eye catching graphics and colorful effects
12 levels with varied sizes and increasing difficulties
Hints to help you through tough levels


Word Wow (4/5 stars, currently FREE)

Word Wow is a word game where you make words to dig deeper into the ground. As you dig down, Worm will follow until you can guide him to the bottom before time runs out.

You need to be able to make words quickly to string together bonuses, as well as just to clear the path.

If you find Worm to be stuck and you can’t come up with any words, you can use a bomb to clear some of the tiles.

You have a limited number of bombs, but you can earn more as you make more words. As Worm moves down the board, more letters become available.

Some levels have a hidden gem behind one of the tiles, and if you can find all the gems in all the levels of a world, a bonus level is opened where you can really rack up the points!

The bigger the words that you can make the more points you’ll earn. Try and make enough points each level to earn all three stars.

Word Wow will sharpen your brain as well as your reflexes. Help a worm out!

***** (5/5) “Word Wow is an explosion of thought-provoking, perplexing, and thrilling fun for almost all ages.”
– AppAdvice


Word Wizards (4.5/5 stars, currently FREE)

This word game app combines word search with match-type gameplay in a kid-friendly game that’s rated as appropriate for all ages.


Travel to a world where words are magic and those who would master words become powerful Word Wizards!



Journey through a storybook landscape filled with danger and adventure and challenge the evil Bully who would twist your words and break your spelling.

Join our heroes on their quest to become Word Wizards and become one yourself! Your adventure starts now.


Languinis: Word Puzzle Challenge (4.5/5 stars, currently FREE)

Match colors and spell words in this one of-a-kind puzzle game. Win over 250 levels and save the adorable Languinis in this enchanting adventure. Ooh la la!

“Elegantly pairing the match-three frenzy of Bejeweled with the word-making challenges of Scrabble”
– App Store Editor’s Notes

– Match colored gems, uncover letters, and spell powerful words

– Play more than 250 levels!

– Try the new multiplayer mode! Are you smarter than your friends?

– Use unique power-ups and special boosters

– Enjoy stunning graphics

– Free and easy to play, challenging to master

– Collect special rewards every day

– Easily sync your progress across multiple devices

– Play in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian

While Languinis is completely free to play, some in-game items such as extra moves or boosts will require payment. You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchases in your device’s settings.


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