Kids on Fire: Jim Breuer’s Family-Friendly Standup

Most standup comedy is not appropriate for kids, but the hilarious Jim Breuer aims to do something about that in his two most recent specials for EPIX.

Both are currently (as of 3/6/16) included in the Prime Video catalog too, which means they’re currently free for Prime members to view. The first is also available to rent or buy; a link for this is included in its description below.

And Laughter For All (5/5 stars)

No longer a metal head, a stoner or a Goat Boy, SNL’s Jim Breuer deals with being a middle aged suburban dad in his first comedy special for Epix.

One Amazon reviewer says:
“We have seen this special on EPIX at least 5 times since it first premiered, and the part about his wife flying off the handle seems to make my husband laugh harder each time. 🙂 I crack up about the trip to the safari zoo and his impersonation of Slayer fans. But like others have said, he is clean, and is just hilarious for all ages. We’ve watched with friends, family, and our 6 & 9 yr old (who have all laughed hysterically). “It’s great entertainment for a can of Pepsi!” ”

Non-Prime members can click here to rent or buy And Laughter For All.


Comic Frenzy (3.5/5 stars)

In his second EPIX special, comedian Jim Breuer talks about more everyday struggles, more family, more Breuer!

One Amazon reviewer says:
“Awesome to find a comedian two 39 year olds & my 13 + 6 year old can all watch and all laugh out loud!! This man is so funny…my husband watched him; then suggested we all sit down and watch him together…my husband watches nothing twice. I actually may have peed on my self, a little.”


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