Kids on Fire Video Spotlight: Nat Geo Brain Games

February 10, 2016

The National Geographic Channel’s hit series Brain Games (4.75/5) explains how human perception works, and explores all the many ways the brain can be fooled.

It’s a favorite among kids, since every episode invites the viewer to play along with the experiments.

Here’s a clip:



One Amazon reviewer says:
I am a high school teacher…Difficult psychological concepts are taught and explained (McGurk Effect, change blindness, selective attention, perceptual constancy, rubber hand illusion, etc.) thoroughly, but the best feature of the videos is that they are so interactive in nature. Instead of sitting passively during the video, the viewer is encouraged to play along with various interactive “brain games”.

Episodes are currently available to buy for $1.99 each in SD / $2.99 in HD, and right now (as of 2/10/16) the very first episode is free to view with ads. The show can also be purchased by the season.


Click here for Nat Geo’s Brain Games.


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