A princess must protect her newborn daughter from the King’s terrible secret…
A fairy tale weaving physics principles:
Fluid Mechanics: A Fairy Tale (Science Stories with Study Guides Book 2) by Sarah Allen

November 29, 2015

Fluid Mechanics: A Fairy Tale (Science Stories with Study Guides Book 2)

by Sarah Allen

Fluid Mechanics: A Fairy Tale (Science Stories with Study Guides Book 2)
4.8 stars – 14 Reviews
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Here’s the set-up:

This is a short fairy tale that introduces the concepts involved in fluid mechanics. It helps build an intuitive understanding, without any equations, symbols, or story problems. This intuition lays the foundation for further problem solving and success in physics. Once you understand the concepts and can reason about them logically, applying the equations becomes much easier.

This story is geared towards the content covered in an AP physics or an introductory college course, but rather than inundate you with equations it simply focuses on the ideas in an engaging, entertaining way.

If you plan to take a physics class, this will help you prepare. If you hate physics, this might be interesting and help you learn some of the fundamental ideas.

The story introduces these fundamental concepts:

Flow Rate
Archimedes’ Principle

5-star Amazon reviews:

What an interesting concept! Learn about physics through the telling of a fairy tale. The first section of the book tells the fairy tale, while the second part goes over the physics concepts that were found within the story.

Well written, follows a true fairy tale path, and has a great basis in science. I wish I had taken physics when I was a kid but it’s books like this that will hopefully get other kids interested in the future.

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