Why Wait For New Year’s? You Can Have A Twilight Zone Marathon Any Time!

November 23, 2015

Many of you may already be making plans for the annual New Year’s Eve Twilight Zone marathon that SyFy and some other cable channels run every year. But why wait? Why stuff your DVR, or spend that day glued to the set waiting for your favorite episodes to come up when the entire series is available in the Amazon Video Store?

Individual episodes can be purchased for $1.99 in SD / $2.99 in remastered HD, and entire “seasons” of 18-37 episodes can be had for $29.99 in SD / $34.99 in HD. Better still, seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5 are currently part of the Prime Video catalog, so Prime members can stream them for free!

Click here for Twilight Zone Season 1, which includes such classic episodes as Time Enough At Last, Perchance to Dream, A Nice Place To Visit and Elegy.

Click here for Twilight Zone Season 2. This set includes King Nine Will Not Return, Eye of the Beholder, Dust, and A Penny For Your Thoughts, plus 25 more.

Click here for Twilight Zone Season 3. In this set you’ll find episodes like Two, The Grave, The Jungle, Five Characters In Search Of An Exit and 33 more.

Click here for Twilight Zone Season 4, which includes Miniature, The New Exhibit, Passage on the Lady Anne, The Bard and 14 more.

Click here for Twilight Zone Season 5, which includes Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, A Kind of Stopwatch, Living Doll, Night Call and 32 more.


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