Kids on Fire: Math Facts Made Easier With Fun Apps

November 19, 2015

Math Facts: they’re tedious and they’re boring, but memorizing them is required in virtually all public schools. Here are some apps to make the process easier—and even entertaining!

Math Rush (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently FREE) – From Amazon:

Race the clock to score as many points as you can solving math problems.
A fun way to practice basic math facts for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

  • Practice Math Facts
  • Compete against countdown clock
  • Try to beat your best score

Amazon reviewers say:

I’ve been using this app along with flash cards to help improve my 9YO multiplication facts. I like that the game is not intimidating and it lures my kid to want to answer quickly and correctly…Math Rush has different levels …shown in a list. Once you go through all the levels, you can check the list and see which levels you struggle with and go back to work on it to do better.

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Really happy with this App. One minute quiz on math facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. My 9 year old is actually willing to quiz herself 10 minutes at a time. Yay!


Math Rush 2 (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently FREE) – This version has more customizable features, so it’s a good pick for older kids who are sophisticated enough to want a more full-featured app, but are still struggling to nail those pesky math facts. From Amazon:

This app takes Math Rush to a new level. You still get the fast-paced mini math quizzes that are fun and help you learn improve your skills. But we added a lot of new stuff for an even better experience:

Better layouts and use of space especially on tablets.

New game mode and scoring system:
1. Get the problem right on the first attempt for the highest score.
2. If you beat the clock, your extra time will give you a score bonus.
3. Score at least 1 star to unlock the next level.

Customize it! Now you have three themes to choose from. Open the preferences menu in the game to change it.


Manic Math (4/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at $1.99)

Choose your challenge in this Tetris-inspired take on math facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or any combination.

Improve your math skills with Manic Math, a winning choice for parents and a fun educational activity for children. Simply combine two numbers and one math operation to match the proposed objective.

If your children–or you–want some extra practice to speed up your basic math calculations, this app will certainly keep you on your toes (or fingertips!).


AB Math – Fun Games For Kids and Grownups (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at 99 cents)

AB Math is a mental math game for kids from 5 to 10 :
– The children choose their options by themselves

– Various fun game modes

– math drills with the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, times tables)

– 4 levels of difficulty, including an EXPERT mode for grownups

The bubble game also strengthens sequential abilities, mental manipulation, attention and fine motor skills.


CardDroid Math Flash Cards (4.5/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at 99 cents)

CardDroid Math Flash Cards combines the proven concept of flash cards with the color, sound and animation of today’s technology to help children learn anywhere. Kids develop speed and confidence while having fun.

Easy to get started + fully customizable when you need it. Unlike most apps, you can set exactly what your child needs (like multiplying by 7 & 8). Now with 10 Common Core standards to match school.

Earn stars for correct answers and win animations and “micro games” for perfect scores. Unlock the “Doodle” card style after 60 minutes of practice.

Customizable Timer helps kids build speed and for tests they’ll take in school. History screens let you track progress & spot problem areas.


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