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Grace and Disgrace

by Kayne Milhomme

Grace and Disgrace
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Here’s the set-up:

The “Invitation to the Chase” arrives in the post without warning. Inscribed in silver ink on black paper, the anonymous summons expresses a simple challenge: to find the priceless Templar Diamond.

Stolen in 1896 from St. Peter’s Cathedral in Belfast, the Templar Diamond has been missing for six years, with the suspects still at large. Now there is hope of its discovery in Boston, if the cryptic invitation can be believed. But is it a ruse?

Jack Tuohay, Belfast Inspector 2nd class, is an inheritor of one such invitation. Professionally discredited for allowing the diamond theft to occur on his watch, he is desperate for a chance at redemption. But the new circumstances are not without stakes, as demonstrated by the murder of a second recipient of the invitation, a Boston priest.

It seems the search for the missing diamond is a deadly one.

Tuohay, with ties to both the diamond and the dead priest, is grudgingly assigned the case by his superiors. Along with two former sleuthing companions, Eliza Wilding and John Eldredge, he pursues the priest’s killer and the lost diamond. It is not long before the companions find themselves entwined in a web of ciphers, puzzles and ruses where one step closer to the diamond is also one step closer to the fatal consequences surrounding it.

The chase is on.

5-star Amazon reviews:

Very good read, it kept me interested the whole way through. Kayne is a very descriptive writer and this helps the reader see it with his/her minds eye. I would suggest this to anyone interested is mysteries.”

“The reader is transported to a different era and is intrigued by the mysteries that get more complicated with each chapter. Crypts and puzzles are integral parts of the chase that constitutes the central theme of the novel. As the characters try hard to get past the labyrinths and discover the lost diamond, the suspense heightens. The author is very descriptive and the narrative technique is brilliant. There isn’t any dull moment and my interest in the story didn’t flicker till I reached the end. In fact, I have even added some quotes from this book to my favorite quotes’ collection. I’m a great admirer of historical mysteries because besides impressing the reader with thrills and chills they also provide a look-back at some important events in history. While some books in this genre tend to lose their grip on the historical aspect and shift focus to the elements that thrill, “Grace and disgrace” strikes a perfect balance between the two aspects. I’d definitely recommend this to readers of mystery and historical mystery, but I’m sure people with interest in history in general will also like this book. It is a book that truly deserves all the five stars!”

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