How-To: Copy Your Silk Bookmarks To A New Fire

This question came in to our Facebook Fan Page yesterday:

“Just [got] a new Kindle HDX 7″. Anyone know how to transfer SILK bookmarks from old to new device?”

After some research, here’s what we turned up: you can use Amazon’s Fire Tablet Backup & Restore Feature to backup your current tablet settings, which includes your Silk bookmarks, and restore them to the new tablet. From Amazon’s Help page on the topic:

Back up your Fire Tablet in case of damage or loss, and then easily restore your data to a new device. You can set your device to automatically back up daily, or you can manually back up your device.

Fire Tablet backs up your:
– Personal settings
– Silk Browser bookmarks
– Home screen and app layout

Note: Purchased music, movies, TV shows, apps, and books are automatically stored in the Cloud and can be downloaded to your device from the Cloud tab. Photos and personal videos can be backed up in your Cloud Drive. To learn more, go to About Cloud Drive.

To turn on automatic device backup:
1) Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap Settings.

2) Tap Device Options, and then tap Backup & Restore.

3)Tap the switch to turn Device Backup ON. Your device will automatically back up once daily when it is in sleep mode and connected wirelessly.

To manually back up your device, tap Back Up Now.

When you set up a new Fire Tablet, you will have the option to set it up as a new device or restore your content from a backup.

The Help page also includes an instructional video.


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  1. Where are these options on a first-generation Kindle Fire HD? I couldn’t find Backup & Restore under Settings for mine.

    Thank you!

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