Bookmark These Hard-To-Find, Crucial Amazon Links

Every so often Amazon will roll out some great, convenient new feature on the site and they’ll promote the heck out of it for a week or so.

Then, maybe a month or two later you find yourself thinking, “Hey, doesn’t Amazon have a thing for this?” So you go to the Amazon site and are disappointed to find Amazon hasn’t added any permanent sidebar links for the new feature, and the only way you can find it is by scouring the Help pages for each department with some carefully-constructed searches. Even then, you may not find the thing and conclude it’s been discontinued. Don’t worry, it hasn’t. Amazon has just made it very difficult to find.

That’s where this post comes in. Whether you want to simply bookmark this post to have all these links in one place, or bookmark the separate links individually, having them available going forward will make your life a lot easier if you regularly buy stuff from Amazon. Note that links to features that are tied to your individual content library will require you to log in to your Amazon account.

Kindle MatchBook – find deeply discounted Kindle editions of books you’ve already bought in hard copy

Audible Matchmaker – find Whispersync For Voice -enabled Audible matches for books you already own in Kindle format

Amazon Instant Video Finder – browse the Instant Video store by multiple search and filtering criteria, such as rating (e.g., G, PG-13, etc.), theme (e.g., political, feel-good, tough guy, epic, etc.) and more

Amazon Trade-In – sell your used game/video/music discs, electronics, hard copy books and more to Amazon in exchange for store credit

Import Music To Your Cloud Library Instructions – help file that explains how to add digital music you already own to your Amazon Cloud library


Set a bookmark to this page today and never waste time trying to find these great Amazon features again!


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