Kids on Fire: A Student Reviews Jennifer Ellis’ A Pair Of Docks

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Sneha’s Review:

A Pair of Docks is a book about three kids: Simon, Abbey, and Caleb, who literally step into another world. This is how it happens. Abbey is doing a science experiment when she realizes Simon is dragging storage bins across the floor, filling water bottles, and making salami and lettuce sandwiches. When Abbey asks him what he is doing, Simon replies “I’m running away.” Abbey at first thinks he is joking, but he is serious. When Simon vanishes outside, Abbey grabs Caleb and chases after Simon. They see Simon going over Coventry Hill, so they follow. But then, they see Simon one second, and the next, he is gone. Abbey and Caleb rush over to where Simon was and then soon figure out the stones are what sucked Simon in. One by one, Caleb and Abbey are transported. After Max (A guy in the other world, send them on a mission, the three kids come to the conclusion that they are in the future. Will they come out and go back home? You’ll have to read to find out what happens next!

Entertainment Value:

This book is entertaining, because there is a lot of detail. Because of all this detail, it made me feel like I was in the story. I’m sure if you read this you’d feel like you’re inside the story living all of the events. This definitely should be one of the books you read this year!

Educational Value:

This book is educational, because it shows Cause and Effect. The Cause is when Simon, Caleb, and Abbey step on the stones. The effect is when they get transported to the future.

Teacher Name:

Julie Treadwell


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