Kids on Fire: Fifth Grader Reviews Laugh With The Moon by Shana Burg

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Nicole’s Review:

A thirteen year old girl named Clare moved to Africa for a few months with her dad who is a doctor and wanted to go to Africa to help the hospital there. (her mother died when she was younger). Clare is upset with her father for making her move to Africa, and leave the USA where all her friends are. When she moves to Africa she attends a school called Mazanga Primary school where they don’t have lunch and all of the students have to sweep the floor except for her because she is the “Glorious Blessing”.

Clare becomes friends with a girl named Memory at her school (her mother died when she was younger also). Since Clare knows English she is asked to teach the standard 1 class for just a short period of time because the previous teacher left. (Clare is standard 8) Clare doesn’t want to let her head master (or principal) down she teaches the class. On the first day of teaching Clare is very nervous, so she bit down on the locket her mother gave her, and her mother appears and guides her through. It turns out that Memory’s little brother Innocent is one of the one hundred student in the standard 1 class.

Innocent calls Clare freckles as a nickname, and she the thinks Innocent is the sweetest thing. Clare teaches her class games and she even teaches Innocent more because since she spends time with Memory, Innocent is there. When Clare’s friends take her on an outing to see the country and it goes horribly wrong she has to face another heart-break head-on. Only an orphan named Memory that has dealt with love and loss can teach Clare how to laugh with the moon.

Entertainment Value:

This book is so entertaining, I mean there are parts in this book where it is so hard not to have tears welling up in your eyes. I don’t think I could pick my favorite part in this book, it was all so good. There wasn’t a dry moment in this marvelous book. This book is definitely a book to read because it deals with love, loss, and friendship. This book is my favorite book of all time, next to Wonder, of course.

Educational Value:

Laugh With the Moon is educational because it talks about African environment. It even talks African culture, too. In the book it also has some African language and in the glossary it translates the words.

Teacher Name:

Julie Treadwell


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