WWII Buffs: Axis And Allies Is Now Available For Your Kindle Fire!

Axis & Allies: 1941 started out as a board game. It’s something like Risk, but focused exclusively on the WWII era and with a great deal more complexity than Risk. Now, this turn-based strategy game is available in app form! From Amazon:

1941: Axis and Allies (4/5 stars, all ages, currently priced at $2.99)

1941: Axis & Allies is an Android strategy board game based on the conflicts of World War II between the Axis powers (Germany / Japan) and the Allies (Russia / UK / America).

This legendary war is carried out over 57 land territories and 48 sea zones, and includes 9 different units like infantry, tanks, bombers and battleships. Conquer the enemy and claim victory by destroying their armies and capturing their capital cities!

In digital form 1941: Axis and Allies supports 5 players over two teams, in local pass and play format combined with an advanced AI if desired. It’s been exclusively designed and developed for Android devices including medium to high end phones and tablets, with crisp graphics and an intuitive touch interface.

Awesome features include detailed in-game statistics, full replay capability, automatic game saving, custom sounds and legendary music. If you’re a fan of strategy board games like Age of Conquest, World Conquer or Risk, don’t miss 1941: Axis & Allies!

Note that this game is HD and may run out of memory during loading on some older devices, especially those with 512MB of RAM or less, depending on the manufacturer.

One Amazon reviewer says, “I have been wanting a version this game ever since I bought my Kindle. The controls are good, the graphics are crisp, and the gameplay is smooth. If you have any interest in turn based wargames you owe it to yourself to give one a try.”


1941: Axis and Allies: play it and see how differently WWII might’ve gone with you in charge!


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