FlipPix Art – Simple Pleasures Is Today’s Free App of the Day

Today’s Amazon Free App of the Day is FlipPix Art – Simple Pleasures, a logic puzzle app that’s very similar to CrossMe and CrossMe Color, two apps we featured last week.

In these puzzles, you’re provided with a blank grid and numbered, colored squares along the left-hand border and the top border.

These colored squares tell you how many squares in each row and column should be filled with the specified color.

It’s up to you to figure out, through a process of deduction, where in the row or column to place the colored squares, and how many blank squares you should leave between the colored ones.

From Amazon:

FlipPix Art – Simple Pleasures (4.5/5 stars, all ages, FREE today onlyt) is now designed for both phones and tablets!

FlipPix Art – Simple Pleasures brings to mind the joys of daily life with puzzles related to home, art, and hobbies. Simple Pleasures consists of 7 Paintings containing 81 different puzzles in 3 sizes, for a total of 243 puzzles. Also known as nonograms or griddlers, FlipPix Art – Simple Pleasures puzzles are designed specifically for both phones and tablets.

An old Japanese logic puzzle takes on a new look with FlipPix Art! Touch tiles to paint them or break them to form colorful components of paintings. The goal is to use logic to determine which tiles should be filled to reveal a hidden picture.

Also included is a 8th Bonus scene for loyal customers which contains an additional set of 12 puzzles in 3 sizes.

A short tutorial on the basics of the game is included.


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