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In the second installment of the five part Seven Point Eight series, the legacy of the OOBE project weighs heavily on the conscience of Dr. Paul Eldridge. Tahra Mamoun needs to muster all her courage and venture back into the alternate dimensions of reality. Only she can save the recruits from their private heaven or hell. Through a series of challenging, surreal, yet exciting adventures, she comes to comprehend the destructive power she can yield. However, can she still control her inner demon with the increase in her powers?

Paul continues his quest to understand the ancient knowledge of the cosmos, while dark forces seek to hijack his research to further a secret agenda. With their lives in jeopardy, Paul and Tahra confront their enemies against an international backdrop featuring the pyramids of Giza and the peaks of Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Sam and Ava endeavour to uncover their past, even though it may irrevocably change their lives.

In a tale of courage and tragedy, love and betrayal, their lives are interwoven around the demons of one man, Max Richardson, who’ll stop at nothing to achieve his objectives.

‘The dialogues are sharp as ever, her characters are given the room to grow from the first installment, and the actions are mind-blowing as I expected them to be… Science fiction lovers should give this series a go, or they will miss a great opportunity to broaden their minds’
Lit Amri for Readers’
‘Even science dummies like myself get hooked into the action whilst also
beginning to understand the scientific meaning behind the plot, without
the feeling you are being preached to.  And with a massive twist at the
end, this novel will leave you far from disappointed.

Best Chick
‘It doesn’t happen very often that a book is so engaging and entertaining, but also philosophical. Usually you get action without thought, or philosophy without action. This book unites both and never gets boring.’

Kim Anisi for Readers’ Favourite

Written in the style of a TV series, Seven Point Eight draws together quantum physics, psychic powers, alternate dimensions, time travel, past lives, ancient wisdom, romance, drama, and conspiracy in a soap opera for the soul.

It’s the ideal read for lovers of sci-fi, contemporary fantasy, the paranormal, ‘Lost’, ‘Fringe’, ‘Touch’, and Dan Brown books.

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