Kids on Fire: 5th Grader’s Review of The Agony of Alice

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  • eBook Title: The Agony of Alice
  • Author’s Name: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
  • Kindle Price: $5.12* As of 5/29/2013
  • Kids Corner @ Kindle Nation Daily Student Reviewer: Mya S.
  • Student Reviewer’s Grade: 5th Grade

Mya’s Review:

Alice McKinley is the main character of this book. Life Alice feels is just one big embarrassment. Here she is just about to be a teenager, and she feels like she doesn’t know how. Its worst for her than any one else, she believes, because she has no role model. Her mom has been dead for years. Help and advice can only come from her father, manager of a music store, and her brother, who is a slob. What do they know about being a girl?

What Alice decides she wants is, a gorgeous woman who does everything right. If she only finds herself, when school begins, in the classroom of a beautiful sixth grade teacher, Miss Cole. Unfortunately she ends up in the classroom of pear-shaped Mrs. Plotkin. One of the first assignments is for each member of the class to keep a journal of their thoughts and feelings. Alice calls hers “ The Agony Of Alice”, and in it she records all the embarrassing things that happen to her that year. Through the school year, Alice has lots to write down. She also gets to know the lovely Miss Cole, as well as Mrs. Plotkin.

I do recommend this book to others. I like this book because I like how there is always something new to happen or learn in Alice’s life. I like how in the book you get to see things in Alice’s perspective. Alice is the narrator. I like how you can say, “ok I am only going to read to more pages.” Then end up reading two more chapters. I like the plot in general, although the beginning is kind of boring.


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