Kids on Fire: Top 5 Bestselling Kids’ Apps

Here are the current top five bestselling apps for kids in Amazon’s Appstore:

1. Toca Hair Salon 2 Kindle Tablet Edition (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $2.99)

Cut, curl, colour and style – any way you want!
Our bestselling app Toca Hair Salon is back in an even better version, with new characters, new tools, new accessories and even more hairstyling fun!

In this kid-friendly, super-creative app, you get to run your very own hair salon, with six fun characters to choose from. Cut, colour and style any way you want, using lots of different tools – from a simple comb and scissors to a curling iron and a straightener. Trim mustaches, spray mohawks bright pink and give someone the curls they’ve always wanted!

Whoops – did you accidentally snip off too much hair? Make things right with our special tonic G.R.O.W. and then top it all off with hats, glasses and other fun accessories. Once you and your customer are happy with the way they look, don’t forget to take them to the camera booth for a snapshot!

Other features you’ll recognize from Toca Hair Salon:
✔ Cut and trim hair with the scissors and electric hair trimmer
✔ Wash hair with shampoo, shower, and towel
✔ Use the hairdryer to get the right look
✔ 9 hair colours to choose and combine
✔ Lots of accessories for the final touch
✔ Use the magic potion G.R.O.W. to make hair grow back again
✔ Characters make fun faces and sounds while you’re styling them
✔ No rules or stress – play any way you want to!
✔ Kid-friendly interface
✔ No third-party advertising
✔ No in-app purchases


2. Team Umizoomi Math: Zoom into Numbers (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $3.99)

Team Umizoomi, ready for action! Your child will use mighty math powers to explore Umi City, uncover hidden surprises, and play five Umirrific math games:

• Toy Store – A counting game
• Number Bubbles – A number identification game
• Race Around Umi City – A number comparison game
• Up! Up! And balloons! – An addition/subtraction game
• Rolling Toy Parade – A number line game

Each game teaches fundamental math concepts critical for preschoolers: identifying numbers; one-to-one number correspondence; rote counting; reading number symbols; associating symbols with quantity; and basic addition and subtraction. Games are leveled, and designed to increase in difficulty. Appropriate hints are provided to support your child as they practice and build their math skills.

Children will also earn badges and trophies through out the game. These badges and trophies are tracked in Team Umizoomi’s Headquarters and earning enough badges and trophies will grant kids a special key to Umi City!

With Milli, Geo, Bot, and your child’s mighty math powers, they can do anything! Welcome to the team, UmiFriend!


3. SpongeBob Marbles & Slides Kindle Tablet Edition (3.5/5 stars, currently priced at 99 cents)

Go on an adventure with SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick Star, and the rest of the Bikini Bottom gang in SpongeBob Marbles and Slides for your Android device or Kindle Fire.

Help Sponge Bob and friends foil Plankton’s plot to steal the Krabby Patty recipe! Navigate crazy obstacles and Plankton’s diabolical traps through various Bikini Bottom locations, rolling their marble-shaped bodies through level after level.

Sponge on the Run
There are a number of ways to navigate SpongeBob and friends. Draw slides to guide them through the obstacles to safety. Learn how to use the environment to your advantage, and use your device’s accelerometer to manipulate his movement. You’ll be dodging and dashing your way through Plankton’s dangerous traps in no time.

Always an Adventure
There’s a lot to explore in Bikini Bottom, and that’s why you’ve got eighty levels of varying difficulty to keep you entertained. No puzzle is the same, and each requires special tools to solve the puzzle. You’ll learn how to use flippers, cannons, teleportals, and more. Compile a spectacular collection of stuff to show off to your friends. Rack up achievements and collect tons of SpongeBob memorabilia.

• Blaze a trail for SpongeBob by drawing a path
• Use your device’s accelerometor for additional guidance
• Play more than 80 levels of varying difficulty
• Solve puzzles using special tools
• Compile a spectacular collection of goodies
• Earn achievements and SpongeBob memorabilia


4. Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $2.99)

It’s time to let out your inner stylist in Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon! You can paint faces and nails, make necklaces, dress-up different customers and even pluck nose hairs with a cute cast of animal friends in over 11 different minigames.

There are a ton of activities to do in Dr. Panda’s Beauty Salon, from matching bowties with hip sunglasses, topainting faces with glow in the dark paint, to spraying shaving cream on a pig with a 5 o’clock shadow. You can make the animals as pretty, funny or crazy as you’d like!Basic hygiene activities like face washing and nail-clipping are combined with the fun of face painting and painting nails.

Made for anyone 2 and up!

• Over 11 minigames in all
• Everyday activities like nail cutting and face washing made fun
• Lots of variety. There are endless possibilities to what you can create.
• Creative freedom! You decide when to stop painting and decorating faces, nails and jewelry.
• Lots of secrets to discover on every screen. Encourages thinking outside the box.
• Robust parental controls and locks
• No third-party ads or in-app purchases


5. Kids Vehicles 1: Interactive Fire Truck – Animated 3D Games Fire Engine Adventure for Little Firefighters and Drivers of Firetrucks (4.5/5 stars, currently priced at $1.99)

The best-selling Kids Vehicles 1: Interactive Fire Truck by 22learn arrives on Android! Developed by an award-winning education studio, 22learn, the creator of the best-selling Abby Basic Skills app, in cooperation with educational specialists. Become a firefighter! Drive and play with the fire truck! Save the world from fire!

Interactive 3D Fire truck by 22learn is an app filled with activities that encourage young children’s imagination, play, and exploration. In four games, children drive a fire truck, explore it, extinguish fire, and learn to locate hidden tools and truck parts. This will become every child’s favorite toy!

Interactive 3D Fire truck is an educational app that will help your toddlers and preschoolers develop problem solving skills, knowledge about fire trucks, and attention control.

Start the fire truck’s engine, rotate the steering wheel and run around the room as the camera of your device projects the surrounding environment onto the truck’s windows! It will look like you are actually driving around your house! Really, it is so much fun! You have to experience this yourself!

Rotate fire truck and observe it from various angles. Play with the lights, start the engine, draw the ladder, honk the horn, turn on the fire truck siren, open doors, press all the funny little buttons, discover fire truck’s tools and more!

Be a hero. Be a firefighter. The world needs your help! Tap on the fires to extinguish them with your powerful fire hose!

Wanna be a firefighter? First, you need to educate yourself! Familiarize yourself with tools and fire truck parts and locate them as quickly as possible! A funny twist on a classical seek-and-find game!

With four engaging activities, tons of realistic animations and sound effects, child-friendly interface, and a colorful, fire truck-themed design, Fire truck is going to be every child’s dream come true toy. Plunge into the world of little superheroes and open doors to your imagination with this amazing app brought to you by 22learn!


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