MP3 Bargain Alert – Iron Man 3: Heroes Fall, $5 This Week Only

In honor of the Iron Man 3 film release this weekend, Amazon has put the MP3 album Iron Man: Heroes Fall (4/5 stars) on sale for just $5, this week only.

The album has 12 tracks, and while I can’t say I think they’re all fantastic, there are 9 I like and of those, five I really love. Considering that a single track normally costs 99 cents to $1.29, and that two of the five tracks I love are marked ‘album only’ (meaning you can’t buy them just as singles), it’s well worth the five bucks to me. Here’s the track listing:

1. Ready Aim Fire  – Imagine Dragons

2. Some Kind of Joke –  AWOLNATION

3. Some Kind of Monster  – Neon Trees

4. American Blood  – Passion Pit

5. No Time  – Rogue Wave

6. One Minute More  – Capital Cities

7. Back to the Start  – Mr Little Jeans

8. Keep Moving  – Andrew Stockdale

9. Redemption  – Redlight King

10. Big Bad Wolves  – Walk the Moon

11. BAD GUY  – 3OH!3

12. Let’s Go All the Way (feat. Ashley Hamilton and Robbie Williams)  –  The Wondergirls


Iron Man: Heroes Fall – get it this week, while it’s on sale for just $5!


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