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Base Spirits

by Ruth Barrett

4.4 stars – 25 Reviews
Text-to-Speech and Lending: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:

In 1605, Sir Walter Calverley’s murderous rampage leaves a family shattered. The killer suffers a torturous execution… but is it truly the end? A noble Yorkshire house stands forever tarnished by blood and possessed by anguished spirits.

Some crimes are so horrific, they reverberate through the centuries.

As an unhappy modern couple vacation in the guesthouse at Calverley Old Hall, playwright Clara, and her scholar husband, Scott, unwittingly awaken a dark history. Clara is trapped and forced back in time to bear witness to a family’s bloody saga. Overtaken by the malevolent echoes, Scott is pushed over the edge from possessive husband to wholly possessed…

‘Murder has took this chamber with full hands
And will ne’er out as long as the house stands.’
~A Yorkshire Tragedy, Act I, Sc. v

Inspired by a true-life drama in Shakespeare’s day, this is itself a play within a play: a supernatural thriller with a historical core.

Only one player can survive.

“I do not recommend “Base Spirits” for the faint at heart. If you don’t want characters to haunt you after you’ve finished reading a book, or if you lack the stamina to consider that a little noise you hear in the night might be trying to tell you something, you may find the book almost too much to bear at times. But if you enjoy curling up with a jolting tale (preferably on a stormy night with a cup of hot chocolate), this book is for you.” -Jon P. Bloch, The Kindle Book Review

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