Kindle Daily Deal For Monday, Jan. 7 – 4 Kindle Book Deals Including Bestselling Romance & Sci-Fi Deals plus Bradley Convissar’s I Never (today’s sponsor)

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I Never

by Bradley Convissar

4.0 stars – 2 Reviews
Text-to-Speech: Enabled
Here’s the set-up:
From the novella collection Reflecting on Midnight– 4 novellas for only $2.99

Welcome to The Tavern at the Edge of Forever. I hope you survive your experience.

Marco Conti and his three brothers, the children of Chicago-area crime boss Adolpho Conti, have been abducted from their homes in the dead of the night. Their destination is The Tavern at the Edge of Forever, an almost-mythical place where the most powerful criminal masterminds in the world gather to work out business deals and to work out their differences. A place where games are played, and where the losers usually end up dead. Marco can’t imagine what twist of fate has brought the four of them to The Tavern, but he is determined to make sure that they all make it out alive. Of course, survival is much harder when the deck is stacked against you by the Mistress of the Tavern herself.

From the author of the Pandora’s Children collections of short stories, and the novellas “Dogs of War”, “King of the Merge”, and “FotoShop of the Gods”, comes “I Never”, a 16,000 novella that is part crime thriller, part horror story, and hopefully the beginning of something big.

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