Kindle Daily Deal For Monday, Dec. 17 – 3 Kindle Book Deals Including Daily Romance And Science Fiction & Fantasy Deals, plus Calculator App From 7 Dragons (today’s sponsor)

But first, a word from … Today’s Sponsor


by 7 Dragons

4.1 stars – 18 Reviews
Here’s the set-up:

Now a calculator can be with you wherever you travel. Use Calculator for Kindle to make those quick, every-day calculations like computing sales discounts, double-checking an invoice, or computing a restaurant tip.

In addition to basic math operations, Calculator also includes Square Roots, percentages and exponents, and the trigonometric functions Sine, Cosine, and Tangent. You have standard calculator Memory Functions, and you also get Calculator History; in which the last 10 items and last 10 calculation results are saved for later reference.

Calculator offers keyboard shortcuts to help you work quickly, and a last function undo and digit by digit undo functions to help you correct errors. Help pages explain each feature, and a Shortcuts List page clearly lists all shortcuts.

Now you can do all your calculations on Kindle.

Each day’s Kindle Daily Deal is sponsored by one paid title on Kindle Nation. We encourage you to support our sponsors and thank you for considering them.

 and now … Today’s Kindle Daily Deal!

The Last Block In Harlem by Christopher HerzKindle Daily Deal: The Last Block In Harlem

In Sugar Hill, Harlem, kids run through hydrants and music blares from stereos plugged into lampposts. When a new resident notices the trash polluting the picturesque streets, he is spurred to action. However, his clean-up efforts unintentionally launch a rash of evictions and invite an influx of new, affluent tenants.

Today’s Price: $1.99 (80% off)
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Roadside Picnic (Rediscovered Classics) by Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky and Ursula K. Le Guin Science-Fiction & Fantasy Daily Deal: Roadside Picnic

Published in 1972 and regarded as one of the greatest science-fiction novels, Roadside Picnic follows Red Schuhart. Called a stalker, he’s one of the young rebels compelled, in spite of extreme danger, to venture illegally into the Zone to collect the mysterious artifacts the alien visitors left scattered around.

Today’s Price: $2.99 (77% off)
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Sunny Days for Sam by Jennifer ShirkRomance Daily Deal: Sunny Days for Sam

Internet guru Sam Calloway is only in town for the summer and needs a nanny for his two small children. The beautiful, inexperienced, and tenderhearted Sunny is not the kind of caregiver Sam had in mind. She’s a dream come true, but Sam’s stopped believing in fairy tales long ago.

Today’s Price: $0.99 (67% off)
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