Kids on Fire: A 5th Grader Reviews The Lightning Thief

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Andrew’s Review:

It is very educational and if you like action books, you will think that it is the best book in the world.  The Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief series is a very good and fun way to learn Greek mythology, because he is always fighting and learning about new monsters. The book is about a 13 year old kid who is a demigod. A demigod is a person who has a god and a mortal for parents. He trains at a place called camp Half Blood which is where demigods train. He also learns that monsters are real and how to fight with a sword that is made of a special type of bronze. To a mortal it looks like a gun or a dangerous weapon because of the mist, the mist is to make sure that mortals don’t learn out about demigods. He makes friends with a girl named Annabeth and a boy named Grover. He is accused of stealing Zeus’s lightning bolt. Zeus is the master of the gods and his lightning bolt is the most powerful weapon in the world. Percy is accused of stealing it and even though he pleads innocent he is given ten days to return the bolt or their will be war.

Teacher Name: Julie Treadwell


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