Unusual Platformer Polara Is Today’s Amazon Free App Of The Day

Polara (4.5/5 stars, guidance suggested) is today’s Amazon Free App of the Day. From Amazon:

Polara is a new take on the free-runner platformer that incorporates traditional challenging gameplay with color-switching strategy. Utilize color coded speed ramps, launching pads, gravity waves, hex bombs, and energy platforms to survive as you escape the clutches of an evil security system hell bent on destroying all those that oppose.

Immerse yourself in the world of Agent Lara, a defense system special agent, that finds herself between a massive world power and the sympathies of a rebel cause. Help her down the path of death defying obstacles to find the truth behind her past, present and future.

– 50 unique and challenging story based levels
– 4 Major Boss Battles
– 5 beautiful environments
– 6 endless unlockable modes
– Beautifully painted story artwork
– Extended play-through content as story levels unlock collectibles that make you play every level differently

Amazon Hall of Fame and Top Ten reviewer jjceo says:

Beautiful graphics and good sound but the game is extremely challenging! The graphics and sound are very good and the concept is designed nicely. When you are killed you start again at the point you were killed and you do not have to start over.

Overall this is a fun game but game play is very difficult for me. I wish there was a little more training to get used to the controls and challenges. I like the game but in level two it is already quite difficult for me and if I progress I will have been killed a lot…

I rate this game as a 4 star game for the quality of graphics and the action of the game. I will continue to play the game to see if I can get better at it because I like it. I will delete it if my skill does not get good enough to play deep into the game as it uses a lot of memory space.

Note that this reviewer also states there are multiple levels to the game, but only level 1 is unlocked – this is not because the game is free today, it’s because you must beat the first level to advance to the others.

Polara – get it today, while it’s free!


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