Kindle Daily Deal for Kids: Slugs In Love Picture Book

Today’s Kindle Daily Deal for kids is the sweet, beautiful picture book, Slugs in Love (5/5 stars, ages 6 and up, priced at $1.99 today only) – From Amazon:

Marylou loves everything about Herbie—how his slime trail glistens in the dark, how he can stretch himself thin to squeeze inside the cellar window, and how he always finds the juiciest tomatoes. But Marylou is a shy slug. How can she get Herbie to notice her? Find out how Marylou woos her beloved in this must-have love story that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Vine Voice reviewer Nicki Heskin says:

When my 6 year old and I were hunting Valentine’s Day books in the bookstore, I overlooked this one, because I thought — how interesting can a book be about slugs. But my daughter read it and said, mom, this is a great one, you read it too! I’m so glad I did…

There are so many children’s books about valentine’s cards and parental love for Valentine’s Day, but so few that can be appropriate about actually falling in love in the couple sort of way. This book has managed to do this in a totally adorable and appropriate way for young children.

The slugs are so cute — Marylou falls for Herbie, but is too shy to tell him so she writes him love poems (so cute!) with her slime trail (adorable!) around the garden. He wants to meet her but can’t seem to find out who or where she is, and tries to write back, but his poems keep being destroyed or missed by MaryLou, who thinks he doesn’t return her affections, but keeps on writing to him, hoping. When they finally connect, it is so sweet, and they live happily ever after!

And if your kids are nuts about bugs, also consider:

Jake and the Buggy Melee (5/5 stars, currently priced at $3.99) – From Amazon:

“The bug army now numbered a full sixty-three:
a much larger group, than Mom, Dad, and me.
We stood back to back, afraid of this fight
We thought we were in for a bad day and night.”

Torallee wakes up one morning to discover her house has been invaded! As she investigates with her mom and dad, she discovers an army of bugs has entered their house.

Torallee, Mom, and Dad begin to take action, when Jake, their big fat cat, enters the room. Will the bugs overtake the cat? Will the family fight to the end?

Little Buggies: A Rhyming Guessing Book For Little Ones (5/5 stars, pre-K and up, currently priced at $2.99) – From Amazon:

One little buggy,
Sailing through the sky.
Can you guess what it is?
It is a butterfly!

Your child will have fun guessing what little buggies are hiding from the clues given in the illustrations and rhyming text. A fun bedtime book perfect for babies and children up to age 5. Features an ant, spider, butterfly, dragonfly and more.

By bestselling author Cindy Bracken.

Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do (5/5 stars, ages 8 and up, currently priced at 99 cents) – From Amazon:

HONEYBEES ARE AMAZING CREATURES, for they are insects that provide us with golden sweet food known as honey. Learn the basics about honeybees, where and how they live. This is an educational, non-fiction book, for children. Teachers can use Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do as a honeybee primer in the classroom– it is easy to understand and answers the questions: Do all honeybees sting? What do they do with pollen? How do they make honey? What is pollination? Does all honey look and taste alike? What can we do to benefit the bees? What kind of flowers do honeybees prefer? With over 2,000 words packed in this small 26 page book Buzzzzzzzz What Honeybees Do can be used in conjunction with other school curriculum in the classroom to teach children about honeybees. With real photographs of the honeybees, comb, hives, flowers, and even one of a bee’s tongue!

The Strange Tale of Ben Beesley (5/5 stars, ages 9 and up, currently priced at $4.99) – From Amazon:

Waverly and Oliver are two orphaned flies growing up, and hoping to stay unnoticed, in a garden ruled by a cruel spider named Ramsay. But when they risk everything to help a mysterious fly named Ben, they get bitten by spiders with a slow-acting and deadly venom. Ben sets out to save his friends by taking them on the long, dangerous journey across the garden to see Ramsay who is the only one who can reverse the effects of the poison. The spider king, however, has no intention of helping anybody but himself. What happens when Ben finally comes face to face with Ramsay makes his quite a strange tale indeed.




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