Kids on Fire: Hope’s Crossing Reviewed By A Student

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  • eBook Title: Hope’s Crossing
  • Author’s Name: Joan Elizabeth Goodman
  • Kindle Price:$8.80* As of 11.28.2012
  • Kids Corner @ Kindle Nation Daily Student Reviewer: Macie M.
  • Student Reviewer’s Grade: 5th Grade

Macie’s Review:

This book is about a girl named Hope. She gets robbed and kidnapped and is taken to a place in England. She is put to work at the home of the person that kidnapped her and Hope wants to get out. So Hope and a new friend come together and try to escape from this house. They escape just in the nick of time. They travel across the Atlantic ocean and finally get to America. They find some good friends and stay with them. They go through trials that they shouldn’t have had to go through. This book ended perfectly, like the way I wanted it to. The story told me that she was adventurous after that whole adventure.

Educational Value: This book was historical-fiction and this book took place in the time of the Revolutionary War. At this time America wanted freedom from England. So the whole time they were traveling, England was fighting America. All the streets were more dangerous then ever before. In the end of the story I think I remember them telling me that the war ended a couple of years later and it fit perfectly.

Entertainment Value: The story was very fun. The book is adventurous. I couldn’t put the book down. It was so good that I couldn’t stop reading after I started. This book would be good for someone that wants to learn something yet he or she wants to have fun reading. I hope that some day they will make another telling what happens to her after she gets home. Some day I want to write a story similar to this wonderful book. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Teacher’s Name: Mrs. Lewis


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