Kids on Fire: 5 Star YA Novel, The Case of the Case of Mistaken Identity, Reviewed by 5th Grade Student

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Emma’s Review:

One young hero named Steve AKA Steve Brixton had a normal life until that all of a sudden changed. It all started when he went to the library to look up a book on American Needling for a social studies project due. Steve finds a group of mysterious librarians who aren’t exactly true librarians. This book has ACTION, ADVENTURE AND SECRET AGENT LIBRARIANS. When you open this book you will be dying to read the end and when you finish reading you will want to read more so go out and get the other books about the Brixton brothers.

Educational Value: This book is very educational because it teaches kids to tell an adult about problems or if someone mysteriously is bugging you or harassing you to tell a trustworthy adult like a teacher, parents even a police officer.

Entertainment Value: This book has awesome ADVENTURES and even sometimes even a little funny. I personally love this book because strange mysteries are always the best. But I’m not talking old time stories, I’m talking full out modern day stories. I hope you love the book as much as I do.

Teacher Name: Julie Treadwell


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